WiseTech Global provides the world’s most comprehensive solution for companies operating in the complex world of logistics. Our long term vision is to build the operating system for global logistics. If you are a Senior Engineer who is looking to work on a platform with the power to impact the world, then you should read on.

WiseTech is a technical company. We invest heavily in R&D and have over 50% of our staff building our products. Our developers work on top-spec hardware. Just wait until you see the dual 42” curved screens at our work stations.

Our strategic priorities for the year are driving the growth of our development teams. These include:

  • Investment and focus on our CargoWise product suite: launching CargoWise Neo and additional engines and platforms
  • Acceleration of key native customs projects - focusing on the largest markets and our major cus​​​​​​tomers
  • Integrating adjacent technologies into native module builds inside the CargoWise architecture​
  • Accelerating data agreements and full integration with major carriers for sea, air, rail and road
  • Integrating data sets and driving automation within the CargoWise stack
  • Expanding digital sales tools

We place a focus on your professional development from your very first day. New members of our development team spend their first 24 weeks at WiseTech rotating through 3 different teams. This allows you to not only learn the bigger picture of what we are doing here, but it gives you the opportunity to carve out your career path. We work in a flat and open environment, where we give you the freedom and tools to do meaningful, career-defining work. Whilst the majority of our software is written in C#, we utilise multiple different technologies and encourage a diverse environment where people can bring their skills to the table. We do not assess applications based on tech stack but achievement.

If you have what it takes to connect the unconnected and tie together the many moving parts of the world’s supply chains - then apply. Stand out in your application, and we will help you stand out in your career.

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