At WiseTech Global we invest relentlessly in product development, building the best technology and prioritising highly scalable, long-term solutions. As an engineer lead organisation, software developers are the heart of our organisation. We build tools to empower our engineers to build software that bring meaningful, continual improvement to the world's supply chains. Replacing ageing, legacy, proprietary and domestic systems with efficient, highly automated and integrated global capabilities.

We work in a flat and open environment, where we give you the freedom, and tools to do meaningful, career-defining work. Whilst the majority of our software is written in C#, we utilise multiple different technologies and encourage a diverse environment where people can bring their skills to the table. We do not assess applications based on tech stack but on achievement.

We value self motivated, deeply technical problem solvers and our recruitment process will enable you to demonstrate just that. You can expect to take a coding task, cognitive and behavioural testing as well as a meeting with two of our senior Engineers. It isn’t easy to get a job at WiseTech Global, but that’s exactly why you should be interested in this companies.

Great people are not defined by their tech stack or years’ experience. Which is why our approach to hiring is reflective of our culture. We operate as a meritocracy. You will be given the opportunity to show your skills throughout the hiring process, and should you be successful you will then be given the opportunity to shine in your day to day. This creates a work environment where equality and innovation flourish and you can challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

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