Sydney, Australia, October 23, 2012 — WiseTech Global®, a global leader in the provision of technology solutions for the logistics, transport and healthcare industries, announced it has established the baseline metrics to track its carbon emissions, and plans to integrate carbon emission tracking tools into its existing software solutions for key brands CargoWise, TransLogix and eHealthWise. WiseTech Global has also purchased carbon offsets to make the Company’s global operations carbon neutral for 2012, and identified 10 activities which will significantly reduce emissions over the next 12 months.

Among these actions are the use of smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles and the use of ethanol fuel across the Company’s fleet, the introduction of energy efficient LED lighting in the company’s offices throughout the world, and the implementation of denser, low-power servers, Cold Isle Containment, and software optimization in data centers. The measures also include the replacement of traditional desktops with laptop computers, greater use of computer sleep and standby modes, the adoption of photovoltaic (solar) panels in main office locations, increased recycling and the development of comprehensive building management technology. 
“We are taking these steps in part due to an obligation we have with the broader community, but also because it will make our operations much more efficient and cost effective,” says Richard White, CEO of WiseTech Global. “In the data centers alone we can save up to 85 percent of emissions; and we can achieve a reduction in power usage of 80 percent by switching from desktop to laptop computers.”

With the baseline metrics established, carbon emissions will become part of the Company’s annual reporting and a number of measures to reduce emissions will be tracked. Measures will also be taken to encourage a reduction in emissions in other areas such as employee commuting and business travel that falls outside the reporting requirements.

The Company’s 2012 annual report includes WiseTech Global, CargoWise and eHealthWise. Emissions reporting for the current financial year will include transport management software company TransLogix, which was acquired June 30, 2012. Over the next 12 months, TransLogix staff and facilities will participate in measures to reduce overall emissions in line with WiseTech’s global strategy.

“It’s not a question of environmental responsibility versus profit, it’s about cutting carbon emissions and increasing efficiency and profitability,” said Mr. White. “We’re interested in taking a lead in the field of environmental responsibility because of the underlying economic drivers,” he said. “Ultimately we also plan to integrate carbon emissions tracking tools into our software suite to allow our customers, and the supply chain in general, to calculate, report, plan, efficiently reduce and offset greenhouse gases.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,