When you join WiseTech as a Software Engineer, you are in the driving seat when it comes to your career. We don’t hire to fill roles; we hire for potential, and you get to test that during your first 24 weeks with us via our technical team rotations.

As a team, we are united in our mission to transform global trade, one innovation at a time. With our development teams focused on solving the deep and persistent pain-points of logistics.

Overthe past five years, we have invested $438m in R&D, expanding our pipeline of innovations and delivering 3,900 product upgrades and enhancements across our global platform.

51% of our employees are focused on product development and our innovation pipeline includes advancements in:

  • CargoWise functionality, adding global data set and automations
  • Next-generation global engines for schedules, rates, bookings, tracking, invoicing and reconciliation
  • Efficiencies in global customs and cross border compliance
  • International eCommerce
  • Optimisation of depots, warehouses, carriers and terminals

While we have a strong affiliation with Microsoft technologies, we have multiple teams using tech stacks and languages in their unique way; you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our best while pushing your boundaries.

We’ve designed our interview and selection process to get to know you and not your proficiency in a specialist language. Instead, we’re looking for systems thinkers with broad engineering skills combined with insatiable curiosity, learning agility, and problem-solving ability.

You’ve got this far; now, the curious innovator in you should be kicking in. How do you make this opportunity your own? Simple, apply via the link or reach out to one of our talent team directly if you don’t have a resume ready. And If you’ve been here before and think we’ve overlooked your previous application; we welcome you to call that out and apply again.



我们的创新和全球技术为全球供应链提供助力,提高全球 150 多个国家/地区的生产力、连通性和资源利用率。