Milton Keynes, UK, 30th September 2013
VS Logistics has reported improvements in its operational flexibility and a widening of services to potential and existing customers since its recent implementation of CargoWise’s single-platform supply chain logistics management system, ediEnterprise.  

Friso van Seters, founder and managing director of the Dutch logistics start-up, states CargoWise, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers was the most logical option because it combines the flexibility of a cloud-based offering with the sophistication of a service used by some of the largest logistics companies in the world.

“I had never used CargoWise but I knew it was the software I was looking for from the very first presentation. It’s a cloud-based system which means I’m able to use it 24/7 from anywhere in the world,” says Van Seters.

By making extensive use of the CargoWise eLearning systems in order to prepare to use the software, VS Logistics staff spent just two weeks learning the system before going live. The start-up is now actively promoting services based on CargoWise software as major selling points for its own business.

“The track and trace module is one of our selling points,” says Van Seters. “We have a lot of clients who want to run statistics and check their cargo so we implemented WebTracker on our website. We’re a small company so we only need some of the modules at this stage, but we can add more in the future if needed.”

Simon Clark, CargoWise Vice President, Business Development, Europe, says VS Logistics is one of a number of new European customers that are using CargoWise software to offer sophisticated services which were once only available to very large companies.

“The Benelux logistics community has a pioneering approach to digital technology which makes it a challenging but exciting market for CargoWise,” says Clark. “The Benelux region is rapidly expanding due to the importance of cargo ports like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels to the global logistics industry. It’s great to see a small but rapidly growing company like VS Logistics choosing technology that will allow it to meet these growth opportunities.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,