Milton Keynes, England, April 11, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), has announced the successful adoption of ediEnterprise by Romanian-based freight forwarder ASG Wind Transport, thanks to its innovative and flexible eLearning application. 

The implementation represents the first phase of a three-year expansion plan which will see ASG extend its presence throughout Eastern Europe. The capacity to continue to use the online videos and workbooks, which make up CargoWise’s eLearning offering, will be fundamental to the company’s ability to open offices in new locations. ASG IT Manager Roland Luca, explains that ediEnterprise will effectively be like having an “ace up the sleeve” throughout the expansion, as the software will facilitate a smooth data exchange between geographically-dispersed offices. 

“We realized that in order to maintain our reputation and to continue to build our international customer base we would need a globally integrated operating platform that could better control the flow of data communications process through the supply chain,” said Luca. “We were happy to find that we could export our database from our old system. With a few simple modifications, we were able to import all the contacts into ediEnterprise without any issues.”

Working from the idea that “you don’t need to be afraid of new software”, ASG was also delighted to find that ediEnterprise is both highly sophisticated and user-friendly, and  was able to be rolled out with a minimum of difficultly thanks to the flexibility of the eLearning offerings. “The actual implementation process was a smooth one due to the extensive information and learning materials at our disposal through CargoWise’s WiseLearning online eLearning platform,” said Luca.

According to Luca, ASG opted for ediEnterprise because of the unique modular structure of the software, and its integrated platform. He says the combination of flexibility and deep integration made it the technology needed to revitalize the company’s operational platform. 

“ASG is a rapidly expanding presence in Eastern Europe and ediEnterprise will help it to facilitate this growth,” said Steve Corbet, CargoWise Vice President of Business Development Europe, Middle East and Africa. “They have been able to harness the unique data exchange capabilities of ediEnterprise to great effect with both its local branches and international partners. They have already achieved notable improvements in efficiency, processes, and accuracy.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,