WiseTech Global achieves carbon neutrality for second year running following sustained efforts in energy efficiency across its global offices

WiseTech Global, developer of the world-leading supply chain software, CargoWise, has announced it has remained carbon neutral for the second year running. Despite a year of significant growth for the Sydney-based technology company, WiseTech Global has seen its carbon footprint grow by only one percent across its global operations.

Although experiencing a fast-rising headcount, a doubling of the size of its data processing and storage center, and the acquisition of transport logistics software specialists TransLogix at the beginning of the 2013 financial year, WiseTech Global has again reduced its overall emissions in line with its global strategy. Initially implementing a carbon reduction and offsetting program during 2012, WiseTech Global has continued to take effective measures to maintain its commitment to environmental excellence and its annual GHG report reveals the substantial results.

Measures taken to maximize carbon efficiency over the financial year include the issuing of fuel cards for each company vehicle, the installation of more energy efficient LED lighting and low-power, laptop-based workstations, and the increase of recycling activities. The company also made significant efforts to increase the power efficiency of its three global data centers by optimizing software and upgrading servers to more energy-efficient models—decreasing the overall number of servers needed. The purchasing of carbon offsets from wind projects under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), has allowed WiseTech to offset its corporate carbon footprint resulting in carbon neutrality for FY 2013. Aiming for continual year-on-year improvement, WiseTech Global has already begun investigations into installing a 100kW rooftop PV solar panels system to increase future sustainability of its head-office operations.

Leading the way in cloud-based supply chain management software, WiseTech Global and the CargoWise platform allows its customers to reduce their own carbon footprint by migrating them from their own servers to a more energy-efficient hosted data solution.

CEO, Richard White says: “WiseTech Global has taken a principled and cost-driven approach to carbon costs by making deep, but cost-effective reductions in carbon emissions. We managed to grow the company by more than 30 percent last year and massively increased the number of customers who accessed our cloud-based logistics solution, yet all of this growth was achieved with a tiny one percent increase in our global carbon footprint. We have plans to do more, to gain more improvement and note that the result is a net positive for the company as the cost savings far outweigh the costs incurred in reducing carbon emissions.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree, lisa.tree@wisetechglobal.com