Automation and customs links help specialist flower exporter to bloom

Airflo B.V., the specialist freight logistics company, has chosen CargoWise’s integrated and highly modular logistics software, ediEnterprise, as the software tool to increase its operational functionality and efficiency.

The Amsterdam-headquartered company moves up to 650 tons of perishable freight per week between its Kenyan base and the European market. With efficient and rapid delivery crucial to the product, Airflo B.V. recognized CargoWise software as the single-system solution to speed up its operations.

Ramon Kluessien, Finance Director of Airflo BV and Bloom B.V., said CargoWise’s data links to customs in Holland and its commitment to linking its software to customs services in new markets is of particular importance to Airflo B.V. Another major appeal of ediEnterprise lay in the single-platform architecture design, meaning that crucial components missing from their previous system, such as warehouse and palletization modules, can all be included in a single solution.

“Not only will paperwork be reduced, but the custom warehouse module will save us a lot of work,” says Kluessien. “The inbuilt communication with our carriers gives us a new level of visibility that will allow us to pass on real-time updates to our clients and provide an enhanced level of service."

Steve Corbet, CargoWise VP of Business Development, EMEA, says that with ediEnterprise’s automated workflow capabilities and integrated design, CargoWise will help Airflo B.V. move into a new era of efficiency.

“Airflo B.V. is moving from a paperwork-driven legacy system to a fully integrated software suite with automated workflow,” says Corbet. “It should see a shift in the dynamics of its operational functionality immediately; and it won’t take long to see a significant increase in productivity and efficiency levels as well.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,