Sydney, Australia, 30th September 2013

A.R.T. Logistics Ltd. is set to deploy CargoWise software through its global network in a joint effort with CargoWise and its WiseBusiness Partner, RBC Group. The move will enable A.R.T. Logistics to strengthen productivity and transparency during a period of rapid expansion.

The Hong Kong-based company, which specializes in logistics solutions for customers in the oil, gas and mining sectors, will go live in four locations including Hong Kong, Germany, Lithuania and Switzerland later this month. Evgeniy Reznikov, Business Development Director of A.R.T. Logistics, says the roll out will enable the company to increase efficiency as they move into new territories and markets.

“Our company is going through exponential growth. We will introduce new service products every six months and open two new locations a year,” says Reznikov. “In order to make this process as smooth as possible we need complete visibility, and must be able to provide our teams with the tools to work faster and offer our clients a more reliable service.”

The communication and productivity benefits of running a global company on a single database held considerable appeal to A.R.T. Logistics’ decision makers; as did the single-platform architecture design, which means all the software needs of the company would be met in one place, by one product.

“We conducted a full-scale research project and seriously considered a few other established software products,” says Reznikov. “The decision to use CargoWise was made because CargoWise offers a more complete solution than other developers. It incorporates the CRM component better than other similar software products and the package includes a number of features which you normally would have to buy in an external CRM product.”

“We expect that CargoWise will ease the launch of the new offices in China that we have planned during the next six months. We also expect that CargoWise will aid development of our new service products such as our Europe-Mongolia Less-than-Truckload service, and our South East Asia-Central Asia rail container service. Having complete real time visibility will contribute to developing our goals of operational excellence.”

Reznikov added that he is excited to be working with a product built upon the culture of innovation that both companies share, stating that “innovation brings excitement, improves morale and generates new ideas.”

Mike Coney, CargoWise Vice President of Business Development, Asia, says that it is this enthusiastic and open-to-innovation attitude that keeps A.R.T. Logistics ahead of the pack.

“A.R.T. Logistics Ltd. have all the ingredients to be a significant player in the Asian and European logistics sector. Adding CargoWise in the mix means that they will gain the added visibility to give them an extra competitive edge,” says Coney. “The time saving and communication benefits of having their global network working on a single database during this expansion means that A.R.T. Logistics will be able to focus all their efforts on opening new branches, and can trust that their daily operations are working to maximum capability with CargoWise.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,