Milton Keynes, UK, July 9, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announced the successful launch of a UK-based freight forwarder, Neon Freight, thanks to flexible payment and training options provided with ediEnterprise through WiseCloud.

Launched in November 2012, Neon Freight is already providing a comprehensive range of services including air freight, sea freight, customs brokerage, European road freight and warehousing. Ian Mallon, founder and Managing Director of Neon Freight, says he’s been able to minimize his costs and maximize productivity thanks to the sophisticated document management features and on demand pricing offered from ediEnterprise through WiseCloud.

“I’ve worked for large multi-national companies that used their own in-house systems, and recently used off-the-shelf technology, but when it came to finding software for my own business there wasn’t any other system that could compete with ediEnterprise, on price, flexibility or ease of use,” says  Mallon. “I plan to continue to access CargoWise through WiseCloud, as this will keep my costs down and also relieve me of the responsibility of backups and updating.”

The ability to access software training using online learning has similarly been particularly useful to Mallon, who has opted to fit training into his existing work and personal commitments.

“E-Learning gives me the flexibility to train when and where I want – if there is a quiet period in the day, or maybe at home in the evening after my other chores have been done. And the fact that the videos are bite-sized makes them more attractive to view,” Mallon says. “The flexibility of CargoWise is also perfect for Neon as the company expands. And it’s great that if I get a large warehousing contract, I can just bolt on the appropriate module as is, when I need it.”

Simon Clark, CargoWise Vice President Business Development for Europe, says the adoption of ediEnterprise through WiseCloud by Neon Freight demonstrates that CargoWise software is an ideal technology for start-up companies.

“Because we work with some of the world’s largest logistics companies, there is a misperception that ediEnterprise is too big to work with some of the smaller companies,” says Clark. “So it’s great to be providing software to Neon Freight at this crucially important start-up phase, which is when companies need a mixture of sophistication and flexibility to really take off.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,