“I did it!” Lavinia Tomescu is proud to be the very first graduate of the WiseTech Diploma of International Freight Forwarding. Right from the start, she cultivated a passion for ongoing learning to support her career within the logistics industry. The flexibility of online courses has additionally empowered her to continue to learn, even as she moves into senior roles.

A daily commitment to learning

“I allocate 30-60 minutes of my workday for my personal learning. Ongoing education is important in any industry, but it is critical in logistics due to the constantly changing regulations,” said Lavinia.

“I firmly believe that investing in training strengthens one of a company’s most important assets: its people. Personally, being up to date with best practices helps me continue to be a champion for continued transformation in our operations,” she said.

A global journey into logistics

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in Romania, Lavinia moved to the U.S. in 2006 where she embarked on her logistics career. From that point she undertook several self-driven courses to quickly accumulate the industry-specific knowledge, skills and certifications to support her ongoing career path.

Leading the way in global compliance

Today, Lavinia holds a US Customs Broker license and she serves as the Director for Global Compliance at Mid-America Overseas, a global transportation and logistics provider. Her responsibilities span compliance management, productivity enhancement, process improvements, and various other critical initiatives vital to international freight forwarding. This encompasses areas like customs compliance, paperless operations, and data integrity.

“I am a curious person, constantly looking for ways to improve my knowledge and skill set. WiseTech’s Diploma of International Freight Forwarding caught my attention because it was tailored to freight forwarding,” said Lavinia.

“I wanted to test my current knowledge as well as find out if I had more to learn – and there was plenty! I particularly enjoyed Global Customs, Dangerous Goods, Safety and Security, Transport Logistics Contracts and Incoterms. The fully online format allowed me the flexibility to choose when to study and the order of modules,” she concluded.

Kickstart your career with WiseTech Academy

If you are a logistics enthusiast seeking a dynamic and rewarding career, look no further than the WiseTech Diploma of International Freight Forwarding. This comprehensive program equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in the fast-paced world of freight and logistics.

The WiseTech Diploma of International Freight Forwarding offers 16 courses designed to provide a comprehensive education in the field. From sea, air, road, rail, and inland waterway transportation to warehousing and distribution, each course explores the intricacies of different modes of transport.

Additionally, the diploma delves into essential supplementary elements such as safety and security, liability and insurance, incoterms, global customs practices, and the handling of dangerous goods.

Enjoy a flexible and engaging learning environment

With WiseTech Academy's 100% online delivery, you have the flexibility to pursue your education at your own pace. The eLearning methodology combines instructor-led and animated videos, interactive activities, and supplementary resources, creating an immersive and enriching learning experience. While collaborative online interaction with fellow participants is encouraged, there are no formal face-to-face or virtual class requirements.

The WiseTech Diploma of International Freight Forwarding is your gateway to a thriving career in the dynamic world of logistics. Embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and become a driving force behind global trade.