Our approach

Our people and teams around the world are aligned in our strong vision to be the operating system for global logistics.

Technology innovation is transforming almost every process across the supply chain. We recognize we have an important role to play in creating breakthrough products that support and enhance the sustainability of global supply chains.

Our culture of innovation and productivity means we tackle the complex problems and challenges of the logistics and technology industries with a ‘test first, fail quickly, and improve rapidly’ approach. Our work environment stimulates creativity and innovation, with a focus on freedom and responsibility.

Our sustainability approach centers on four pillars:

Our People

Our people are the heart and soul of WiseTech – they are the driving force of our strategy. At WiseTech, our culture is not by accident. Our creativity is by design. Our people define us.

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Making a positive contribution to the communities we are part of is integral to the sustainability of our business. We hire talented people who have a passion to share their knowledge and want to help improve the industry and communities in which they live and work.

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We've been operating in the global logistics service provider software market since 1994. We create breakthrough products that enable and empower the world’s supply chains.

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We recognize the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, as well as the opportunity for our technology and products to help our customers minimize the environmental impacts of their operations.

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Sustainability and ESG framework and strategic objectives

Tech education

Our tech education initiatives build skills and passion for creative problem solving, and a pipeline for our future workforce.

People and culture

We attract and retain the best talent, and our high performance culture supports diversity and inclusion.

Net zero carbon

Our global operations are net zero carbon and our products support customers to reduce emissions from global logistics.


We operate with integrity, security and effective governance, customers trust us, and sustainability is integrated into decisions and actions


We are a force for good and actively work to maximize positive impact for us, our stakeholders and the planet.

Transparency and engagement

We transparently disclose our performance, and engage and collaborate to achieve the best outcomes.

  • Principles and policies
  • Risk management
  • Measurement

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Suppliers
  • Community partners
  • Government and regulators
  • Industry associations

Sustainability governance

The Board Charter sets out responsibilities for approving strategy, business plans and policies, the system of Corporate Governance and our values. It also establishes the Board’s responsibility for overseeing the implementation of WiseTech’s sustainability and ESG practices and initiatives.

Board Committees such as People & Remuneration Committee and the Audit & Risk Committee, support the Board to meet its responsibilities. The Chair and CEO regularly meet with investors and other stakeholders on a range of topics which include ESG matters.

The ESG & Sustainability Team leads the development and implementation of the sustainability strategy and the company’s ESG disclosures, reporting to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Day-to-day management of sustainability-related risks and opportunities is coordinated by the ESG & Sustainability Team and led by the Senior Management Team and relevant business leaders. A number of cross-functional working groups work to further progress our sustainability agenda.


Sustainability reporting

WiseTech Global has reported on our sustainability performance annually since 2016 in our Annual Report.
To read our latest Sustainability Report, visit the Annual Reports section of our Investor Center.
Our annual Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Board Standards (SASB) Index shows our alignment with the GRI and SASB Standards.

Corporate governance

WiseTech’s Board and management are committed to high corporate governance standards and to actively managing our risks and opportunities.

The Board Charter sets out responsibilities for approving strategy, business plans and policies, the system of Corporate Governance and our values.

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Our approach to materiality

For the purposes of developing a strategic approach to managing sustainability and aligning with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, we have determined our key issues by adopting the following four step process:


We identified key stakeholder groups (employees, customers, investors and community partners) and specific organizations and individuals within these groups.


We undertook desktop research using third-party guidelines such as the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), peer benchmarking and our own analysis of environmental, social and economic topics.

Materiality verification

We determined which issues were relevant for our business by further discussing the outcomes of our engagement with relevant stakeholders.


We asked each stakeholder group to prioritize the sustainability issues based on the importance to them in the context of their relationship with WiseTech. We then shared the results with our business leadership and prioritized these issues.


Reporting on materiality

We manage and report on our people, community, environment and marketplace , informed by GRI and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards.

Detail on our performance can be found in the sustainability section of our annual reports from FY21 onwards.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is key to our approach to sustainability. We have many different stakeholders we engage with in various ways on a regular basis every year.

Retail shareholders
We have dedicated staff in our corporate head office who respond to retail shareholder questions and feedback. We also communicate regularly with our retail shareholders via our website, email, mail‑outs and at our Annual General Meeting, which provides retail shareholders with the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the Chairman, Board, and CEO.
Institutional shareholders
Our Investor Relations Team, CEO, and CFO are available to answer questions or receive feedback from institutional investors. We meet with our institutional investors on a regular basis as part of our:
  • post-results domestic and international roadshows
  • broker hosted investor briefing sessions, and
  • regular meetings on an ‘as requested’ basis throughout the year.
Sell side analysts
Investment analysts are invited to participate via webcast or phone call in our half and full year results briefings during which they can ask questions of our CEO and CFO. These briefings are available to all shareholders to listen to live or on replay through the website.

Our Global Support Team manages the relationships and engagement programs with our customers. The Global Support Team obtains feedback in our customer system and connect real-time with our customers.

We also engage with our business customers via workshops, industry forums, training sessions, our website, online portal with our community forum and our social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn).

We place great importance on engaging with our team members via a range of means including:
  • our weekly internal newsletter, The Buzz
  • our intranet site, The Source
  • virtual cake days with our CEO, Richard White, and internal team member
  • welcome sessions for acquisition team members
  • our internal corporate communication and collaboration tool, Stack Overflow;
  • regular touchpoint conversations between our People Leaders and their team members
  • regular professional and development reviews
  • email, and
  • social and community events.
As an industry leader, WiseTech collaborates when appropriate with government consultation processes.
Community partners
Our community initiatives focus on three key areas: skills development, technology education, and general community support. We engage directly with suppliers as part of general vendor management and due diligence for relevant organizations.
We engaged directly with more than 3,000 suppliers from approximately 50 different countries.
Industry associations
We are members of the industry bodies outlined in the Industry Participation section below. Through our memberships, we participate in discussions regarding issues facing the industry and related lobbying activity.

Industry participation

We partner with industry associations around the world to promote the collective interests of the logistics industry and share global best practices.

We are members of a number of industry associations including the following:


  • International Air Transport Association
  • FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations
  • The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)


  • Freight & Trade Alliance
  • The Tech Council of Australia
  • Australian Society for Computers and Law
  • Association of Corporate Counsel
  • Group of 100
  • Shipping Australia



  • Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Canadian Society of Customs Brokers


  • China International Freight Forwarders Association
  • International Shipping Enterprise Alliance
  • Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association


New Zealand

  • Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand


  • The Interest Group Air Cargo Switzerland


United Kingdom

  • Association of Freight Software Suppliers
  • British International Freight Forwarding Association
  • The United Kingdom Warehousing Association

United States

  • International Air Cargo Association of Chicago
  • National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) seek to address the most significant challenges our world is facing today.

We have mapped the UN SDG framework against our activities to understand the role we play in addressing these challenges.

Our activities directly contribute to the achievement of five UN SDGs, which we have highlighted below.

Our contribution to the goals

Goal description

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

WiseTech contribution
  • We offer accessible, affordable, online technology and global supply chain logistics learning via WiseTech Academy.
  • WiseTech Academy helps improve the skills and knowledge of professionals already working and provides a stepping‑stone for individuals looking to launch their career in the world of technology and supply chain logistics. Visit WiseTech Academy to learn more.
  • WiseTech contributes 1% of pre-tax profits to Grok Academy annually. Grok Academy’s mission is to educate all learners in transformative computing knowledge, skills and dispositions, empowering them to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future. Through WiseTech’s Earn & Learn program we are supporting computing undergraduates to hit the ground running by combining academic theory with real-world application in a work setting.
Goal description

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all

WiseTech contribution
Goal description

Reduce inequality within and among countries

WiseTech contribution
  • We are proud to be a workplace of incredibly smart people with diverse and eclectic experience, an abundance of talents and motivation fueled by purpose
  • We value a strong and diverse workforce and are committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Principles are designed to foster a culture that values and achieves diversity in our workforce and on our Board
  • Read more about our management approach, and our performance in our Annual Report
Goal description

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

WiseTech contribution
  • We recognize the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, as well as the opportunity for our technology and products to help our customers minimize the environmental impacts of their operations
  • Increased productivity through our software can have environmental benefits including reduction in futile trips, optimized load configuration and the elimination of delays in intermodal transportation
  • Efficiency improvements also allow automation and the removal of numerous manual tasks
  • Read more about our management approach and our performance in our Annual Report
Goal description

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

WiseTech contribution
  • We recognize that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and are committed to taking action to reduce, and eventually eliminate, emissions from our operations
  • We offset 100% of emissions from WiseTech’s global operations (Scope 1 & 2)
  • We have set out a pathway to achieve our net zero global operations ambition, which we will be working to achieve over the coming years
  • Read more about our management approach and our performance in our Annual Report