Chicago, USA, October 8, 2013
Californian freight forwarder American Cargocare is set to streamline its internal operations and improve communications with global partners after adopting CargoWise’s cloud-based logistics software, ediEnterprise.

Rithy Oeurn, Operations Manager for American Cargocare, says CargoWise was the only software package that offered streamlined accounting, AMS and data transfer, as well as the opportunity to cut back on IT costs thanks to extensive online training facilities and WiseCloud, the software’s cloud-based system.

“We reviewed multiple software systems, but ultimately chose CargoWise because of WiseCloud, the ease of accessibility and the opportunity to easily share and transfer data with our partners,” says Oeurn. “It’s a one-stop-shop program for all our everyday operating functions.”

With a small team working in its Californian headquarters, American Cargocare prides itself on its capacity to work closely with partners from diverse cultural backgrounds and on different continents, a capacity Oeurn says
has been enhanced with the adoption of CargoWise.

“Our office works on a 24/7 schedule due to international time zones, and we kept that in consideration when we were looking for a software system,” says Oeurn. “Our verbal and non-verbal communication helps us build a rapport with our clients all over the world so we needed a software system that would support that.”

According to Gene Gander, CargoWise Vice President Business Development, Americas, American Cargocare’s decision to implement CargoWise through WiseCloud will leave the company well placed to compete with much larger rivals by boosting collaboration between international partners and agents.

“It’s marvellous to see a company the size of American Cargocare embrace productivity and take on much larger players as a result,” says Gander. “By adopting CargoWise through WiseCloud, American Cargocare has been able to boost efficiency through increased automation, meaning there is less focus on paperwork, and more concentration on growing the business.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,