Sydney, Australia, October 16, 2012 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announced a significant and sustained increase in its customer base for the third year in a row,  with year on year revenue growth of 63 percent in the last 12 months.

Despite a sluggish global economy, CargoWise has continued to invest in research and development and has delivered an innovative cloud based software solution enabling customers to improve productivity and manage cash flow by removing the upfront costs and risks associated with traditional software models. As a result, CargoWise has continued to win an increasing amount of new business because of its cloud hosted, on demand, Enterprise class software. The easy and low cost entry point makes it possible for all customers to improve productivity, and reduces costs.

Over the last 12 months CargoWise has increased its customer base by 33 percent, and CargoWise software is now the foundation of the technological strategy behind some of the world’s largest global logistics operators including Senator International, with 1,000 users in 15 countries, DSV with 3,500 in 31 countries, and Geodis Wilson, which will ultimately have 5,000 users in 50 countries all operating on a single global database. This is in addition to underpinning large scale strategic information technology projects such as the Yusen Navigation System, which has been in operation since 2010.

As a result of this expansion, CargoWise users now hold more than 90,000 licenses across a customer community of 4,500 sites in over 85 countries. The company is regularly signing more than 35 new customers per month and has firmly established itself as a reliable technology partner for long-term strategic projects.

“Our commercial success is a validation of our total commitment to a 15-20 year vision and our capacity to deliver the highest quality logistics software available,” says CargoWise CEO Richard White. “The Company has been growing very quickly despite a lackluster global economy. We are very focused on investing, building and supporting our technology and flagship software, as well as expanding our passionate and innovative team of product development people.”

Launched in March 2011, CargoWise’s cloud hosting has made it possible for customers of all sizes to adopt ediEnterprise by significantly reducing the implementation time and cost. As a result, even the smallest customers and most remote regional offices can access operational, management and customer data on a single global database.

“We’re working on making our software even easier to adopt by developing a comprehensive e-learning package that will be included at no additional cost,” White says. “This will make it possible for companies to rapidly adopt our software by minimizing the cost and complication usually associated with training and implementation.” 

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,