Sydney, Australia, January 30, 2012 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announces it has signed an agreement with Bulgarian-based Unimasters Logistics Plc to implement its ediEnterprise solution for logistics services providers in the road haulage market.

Unimasters, a provider of innovative logistics solutions, is rapidly expanding in Central & Eastern Europe from their existing operations in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The common business solution provided by ediEnterprise is enabling Unimasters to achieve its strategic geographic growth plan.

Executive Chairman of Unimasters Logistics, Nikolai Bozhilov says: “Over a two year period and 20 different platform assessments, only CargoWise’s ediEnterprise solution met our business needs. It proved superior in providing end-to-end visibility for us and our customers, seamless integration, and of course global capabilities. CargoWise’s technology puts us and our customers at the forefront of the logistics industry, where end-to-end visibility is one of the greatest logistics challenges.

"We needed one scalable platform for all our logistics activities to replace our various legacy systems” continued Mr Bozhilov, adding "We are expanding in Eastern Europe, where information infrastructure is often inferior. Therefore we needed an easily accessible, easily deployable and highly sophisticated modular system, which can be easily integrated with our strategic business management portals."

“Unimasters Logistics will benefit from our world-class Forwarding and Ships Agency solution” stated Steve Corbet, Vice President Business Development EMEA for CargoWise. “In addition their existing Road Contract Distribution operation will be supported by our planned developments in providing new functionality in the areas of Line Haul, Routing Optimization Planning engine and Transit Warehousing. This new functionality is our foundation for entry into a key growth area in the European road marketplace.”