Milton Keynes, UK, February 19, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announced the adoption of ediEnterprise by Dublin-based, boutique air freight specialists, Central Shipping.

Founded in 1961, Central Shipping is well recognised for its capacity to transport and deliver high value goods, offering services from air and sea freight, through to warehousing, courier services, and 3PLs. Having decided to upgrade the company’s software in early 2012, Central Shipping Managing Director Philip Clancy, says he considered a number of locally-produced software packages, but ultimately selected ediEnterprise from CargoWise because of its capacity to reduce the time and paper work associated with processing shipments.

“It would be ideal if we can achieve what we do now in a more time efficient manner with less paper, as it will allow us the opportunity to expand,” Clancy says. “We most certainly want improved productivity and our ultimate goal is toward the adoption of more automated processes.”

Rather than host the software internally, Central Shipping has opted for a cloud-based version of ediEnterprise, allowing significant savings in hardware and ongoing maintenance costs.

Simon Clark, CargoWise Vice President Business Development for Europe, says he is delighted to have such a highly respected and astute freight forwarder as Central Shipping adopt ediEnterprise, which will provide the company with the opportunity to improve productivity without increasing costs.

“We look forward to working with Central Shipping to optimize its use of ediEnterprise to increase capacity and expand the company’s operational load without having to bring on extra staff,” says Clark. “The company will be able to replace a number of systems and stop gap measures with a single database which will enable it to reduce processing times, and enable it to grow.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,