While supply chain disruption is nothing new, COVID-19 has certainly tested even most the agile businesses. With decision-making centred around controlling costs and managing cash flow, many logistics companies are turning to digitisation and automation to survive and thrive.

That’s because these days, shipments consist of two packages – the physical goods and the data that travels with them. And you can’t deliver the one without the other.

Despite this, some logistics companies still patch together different software systems that simply don’t communicate with each other.

This can significantly impact supply chain visibility and slow down the movement of goods, with operators having to constantly re-enter data from one system to the other.

The complexity of modern supply chain logistics demands a single, integrated software platform.

Our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics execution software, CargoWise, gives your internal operators, customers and third-party agencies visibility of and easy access to the shipment data they need, without having to work outside the platform.

For example, when a purchase order is entered into CargoWise by an operator or received via EDI from a customer or third-party, the system reduces your workload by automatically notifying the appropriate users of the booking request, who can then view the details and decide on the most efficient shipping method and schedule.

This means it’s easy to instantly turn an existing purchase order into a shipment, reducing the time spent manually keying information between systems.

And because everyone is working from the same single database, information that’s entered at the origin station becomes immediately available to the destination as well. This keeps the buyer and supplier informed of the cargo status, enabling collaboration between all parties.

Automate, manage and optimise your business processes.

Powerful workflow and productivity tools in CargoWise mean critical processes can be set to trigger automatically in response to reaching milestones and events, including ex-factory dates or arrivals.

This frees up your staff to focus on more strategic and relationship-based work that can improve customer satisfaction and sales.

The system can also raise exceptions – such as a missed cargo-ready date – and send out automated notifications to staff or partners to keep everyone updated of the cargo’s status and ensure actions are taken to prevent any shipment delays.   

By sharing data in real-time across your operations and automating your processes as much as possible, CargoWise gives you and your customers the access and visibility needed to ensure cargo moves with greater ease along the supply chain.

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