For the past three years I’ve been part of the talent team at WiseTech Global and have interviewed and recruited some of the best and brightest people in the engineering space.

Whether that’s across software, networking, systems, DevOps or machine learning, I’m constantly speaking to incredibly talented, interesting people every single day and am able to share our story and our vision of being the operating system for global logistics.

It’s never been a more exciting time to work in technology and at WiseTech. We’re evolving rapidly, and we have ambitious plans to expand into more products, deeper functionality, and more geographies and adjacencies.

Here are my top three reasons why you should consider taking a career-defining step with WiseTech Global.

Shape your career with our rotation program

At WiseTech, your career development starts on your very first day. So, when you join as a software developer you’ll get partnered up with a team buddy and a mentor and you’ll be placed into our technical rotation program.

You’ll spend your first 26 weeks rotating through three different teams where you’ll get an understanding of the work we’re doing and the scope and impact of that work. You’ll get to know our people, our culture, plus a variety of teams, technologies and business areas with the help of a new mentor in each rotation.

Throughout this entire process you're part of the conversation. You’ll be talking to a member of our software operations team about the things that you're interested in, what projects you’d like to work on, and where you see your career going. We can then cater to your interests by putting you in teams that have those challenges and are working on those subject areas.

We believe in empowering our people to actively develop their careers and interests, so at the end of the six months we’ll invite you to nominate your team preference, and more often than not, that’s the team you’ll end up in.   

Our rotation program really is a win-win for our people and the business. It helps breaks down silos between teams, it encourages collaboration and communication, and most importantly, it puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. 

Unleash your potential and become better at what you do

We recognize our developers are their own masters when it comes to their technical talents, so we give you the freedom and tools to do meaningful, career-defining work and the opportunity to work on problems that are making a global impact.

At WiseTech, it's not about ladder climbing or changing job titles, it's about taking on more responsibility and more challenges and then being given the tools to solve those challenges. We have a culture of continuous learning, and we really encourage people to speak up about the areas or projects they want to work on or skills they want to develop and enhance.

As a software engineer you may now have a great grasp of your subject area, but in two years if you haven’t continued to learn and upskill, then you could get left behind. We really believe learning is a life-long journey, so we create an environment that really encourages you to think outside the box and pushes you out your comfort zone. We support our people in pursuing their intellectual interests by offering educational assistance, mentorship and global development programs.

Breaking it down simply – working here will make you better at what you do.

Create real world impact with career-defining work

It can be easy to forget when you're working within a large, global organization just how much reach and impact our day-to-day work has, but at WiseTech that impact is extraordinary. 

We have users across 160+ different countries and our software solutions are used by more than 18,000 logistics organizations, including 24 of the top 25 global freight forwarders. Our software optimizes complex logistics processes while also ensuring our clients stay up-to-date and compliant with customs regulations, harmonized tariffs and local tax rules.

As the industry continues to navigate the pandemic and the challenges that have come with it, logistics organizations are now more reliant than ever on efficient, optimized, streamlined technologies that deliver solutions for their clients. There’s never been a more important time for our clients to be using our software, and there’s never been a more exciting time for us as a team to be continuing to deliver that software to our clients.

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