Get to know some of our current interns, including why they’re pursuing a career in technology, their experiences at WiseTech so far, and advice for their younger selves.

What are you studying and where?

I’m studying Software Engineering Co-op at UNSW and will graduate at the end of 2023.

Why did you decide to study your degree?

In high school I focused my studies on STEM subjects and I was very passionate about mathematics and problem solving. Software engineering was a very appealing course as it focuses on two primary principals, mathematics and logic, both of which I found fascinating.

Have you always known you wanted to work in tech?

Generally no, I have always found the rising tech industry super fascinating, but never imagined I would end up working in it. However, nowadays most STEM-based industries lead to working in some sort of tech. Now I cannot imagine working in any other field as it’s a super-fast paced, interesting, constantly changing and growing field.

Which team are you currently in at WiseTech and what sort of work are you doing?

I am currently working on the product side of the Master Data Management team. I work closely with the product managers to look at how the product can be further improved for user experience.

What was it about WiseTech that appealed to you?

The opportunities to work, learn and develop as a software engineer within a very supportive and leading tech environment. Also the inclusive culture and open nature of the knowledgeable teams.

What are you hoping to get out of your time at WiseTech?

WiseTech’s teams provide a great opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. I aim to learn and see how different teams operate and the processes that they go through as well as develop my technical skills. I also am very excited to meet different people and expand my network.

What (or who) inspires or motivates you in life?

My family are the ones who always push me to do my best and to take on new opportunities that come my way.

If you choose anyone to mentor you, who would it be and why?

Cynthia Breazeal would be a fascinating mentor as a female leader in STEM, an entrepreneur and roboticist.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Take on opportunities even if you don’t exactly know what you are signing up for, sometimes you try something new and love it and if not, then you’ll know it’s not for you.