Diversity and inclusion

We are proud of our highly diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Our employees range in age from 18 to 70+. Our people are made up of more than 60 nationalities working together.

Importantly, 31% of our employees overall and 43% of our Board are female. 

We believe it's essential to further develop the potential for women to enter the technology and logistics industries.

We do this by supporting initiatives that encourage girls and young women to pursue a career in technology, with a longer-term aim of increasing the female talent pool available. 

Our people are the core of who we are. The accumulation of our collective experiences, shared values and individual skills has allowed us to deliver industry-leading solutions.  

We are committed to treating everyone equally and with respect; this is what diversity is all about.

Environmental sustainability

Through our software and innovations, we drive business efficiencies that enhance logistics execution worldwide.

Increased productivity through our software can have widespread environmental benefits.

This includes a significant reduction in futile trips, optimized load configuration and the elimination of delays in intermodal transportation.

Efficiency improvements also allow automation and the removal of numerous manual tasks. This reduces paper, electricity usage, human labor and wasted resources. 

As a software provider, our environmental footprint is small across our global workforce.

We aim to minimize our resource usage and invest in energy efficient and environmentally sustainable practices.

This includes improving our office recycling methods, setting targets to lower our electricity consumption and minimizing carbon intense travel options by encouraging video conferencing, team-ware tools and communication.

Education and sponsorship

Encouraging and supporting the next generation of innovation leaders has always been important to us.

We hire talented people who have a passion to share their knowledge and want to help improve the industry and communities in which they live and work.

We have an active, targeted program of scholarships and sponsorships with university and school groups. These are designed to inspire young people about STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue careers in technology.

Our Technology Internship Program provides technology and engineering students with the opportunity to participate in our innovation center and learn disciplined processes and test-driven approaches. 

We also offer programs to help our people continually develop. This includes an education and training professional certification program and employee education assistance for doctorate, master and bachelor degrees. 

Volunteering and giving

We support our people to give back in their communities and get involved in the causes that matter to them.

This includes volunteering, workplace giving and sponsorship of for-purpose organizations, events and charities.

For example, our team provided Médecins Sans Frontières with free access to our ComplianceNet training for the 18th consecutive year. WiseTech also supported the ‘Run for Good Project’, a charity that supports women impacted by domestic violence, homelessness and people seeking asylum. As part of the project, pillows, sheets, towels and cutlery were donated to Women’s and Girls emergency centers and the Wayside Chapel.

Our team in Brazil contributed to a food program called “Banco de Alimentos”, where food items are collected and distributed to families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And our US team donated to the Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) food pantry, a not-for-profit organization that provides meals to families in need.

Learn more about our social and environmental impact in our
2021 Annual Report

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