Configurability, automation and real-time visibility across global freight operations are some of the CargoWise benefits that have enabled Aramex to deliver value to their customers from day one in a changing global environment.

“We really wanted to hit the market with a solution that can deliver value on day one of the implementation. We made our decision simply because of the best practices that CargoWise offers and the out-of-the-box solutions and integrations that come with the platform,” says Mohammed Sleeq, Chief Digital Officer, Aramex.

Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, implemented the roll-out of CargoWise across their global network, representing an integral milestone in their digital transformation strategy.

“We’d been really reshaping our strategy and looking at solutions and technologies that deliver value without the need for us to reinvent the wheel.

“Because this solution has been vetted and tested with a lot of freight forwarders in the market, including a global network of partners and agents that we work with, CargoWise was the obvious choice for Aramex” says Mr Sleeq.

Aramex’s unique ‘big ‘bang’ approach saw CargoWise implemented simultaneously across its worldwide network of approximately 2,000 users spanning 62 countries, with the platform supporting their freight forwarding and customs operations and enhancing the overall user experience for their employees and customers.

“We really wanted to challenge the status quo and reap the benefits of the implementation as quickly as possible, as we had ambitious targets for both the implementation and for the transformation of the organization.

“We knew the challenges that came with the implementation, but we wanted to avoid the hassle of integrating legacy and modern systems together. With the ’big bang’ approach, we were able to achieve our goals faster, and see the benefits and efficiencies very early on in the program.” explains Mr Sleeq.

Although the global logistics industry has experienced major challenges, it has significantly accelerated the shift to digital for many companies, including Aramex.

Mr Sleeq explains that the challenges of the pandemic combined with their ’big bang’ approach meant that there were concerns that certain phases of the program would be impacted.

But with ambitious targets for both the implementation and for the transformation of the organization, Aramex set a challenge to reap the benefits of the implementation as quickly as possible.

“It created a little bit of a delay on the program, but I can tell you confidently that in 11 months we were able to design, implement, test, train users and ultimately go live with CargoWise.

“We're very pleased as this provided us with the opportunity to challenge ourselves as an organization and really accelerate our transformation program.”   

Aramex is rewriting the textbook on implementing a global transport management system on such a large scale, which is a testament to their agility and ability to quickly respond to the changing global environment, says Mr Sleeq.

“We’ve been embracing more innovative technology, empowering our customers and delivering a future for the organization that is by far more agile and resilient.

“Since implementing CargoWise, we have shortened the development cycle by years and avoided the landscape of operating a mix of legacy and modernized systems. I have never seen a time where Aramex as an organization has been more resilient.”