Deepi Gill is part of the finance team based in our Sydney office, who joined WiseTech after relocating from Canada four years ago. Passionate about all things wellness, Deepi discovered an interest in positive psychology and since studying it further, has found ways to incorporate its principles into everyday life, including at WiseTech.

We spoke to Deepi about what positive psychology is, how she finds balance in life, and how living her passion for wellness has given her purpose.

How did you come to join WiseTech?

I joined the finance team four years ago, initially on a short-term contract before later becoming permanent. It’s been an incredible journey so far – I worked with my partner in the same team for a little while, I changed into an exciting new role, and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be able to start some initiatives in the wellness space at WiseTech.

You’ve recently discovered an interest in positive psychology, can you share a bit about what it is and how you got interested it in?

I am fascinated with the way our biology is designed and how our psychology follows. I also have a great love of learning and love to share what I learn because its incredible knowledge that genuinely helps us live better!

Currently, I am pursuing a specialization in Positive Psychology – which is the scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behaviour with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, building the good life instead of repairing the bad.

In addition to this, I strive to learn and stay current with the scientific research in the well-being space. The mind matters!

How do you practice positive psychology in your own life and prioritize your wellbeing?

I've been invested in my wellbeing for quite some time now - mindfulness, yoga, fitness, nutrition, joyful hobbies - I can feel a real shift in me when I skip out on these things for more than two days in a row. The most important variable for enhancing my wellbeing has been working from home -  it has really allowed me to create the perfect daily schedule where I am able to maximize my time on productivity and wellness (self-care), and eliminating dead time (getting ready and commuting).

How are you driving some of the positive psychology principles at WiseTech?

Over two years ago I started creating a monthly wellness magazine that gets distributed to the finance team. My purpose when developing the magazine was to create a real sense of calmness and share content that is insightful, scientifically evidenced and inspiring. The content ranges to include fitness or yoga, a short mindfulness exercise, a fun fact, a feel good movie recommendation, a delicious and nutritious recipe, a sustainability tip, and finance team members’ birthdays in that month.

Additionally, this past year I’ve begun writing articles for the Buzz (wellness with Deepi), which I’ve structured to be like a wellness course in that I recommend activities to be completed and each article thereafter builds upon the one prior. It’s a culmination of my positive psychology learnings and wellness knowledge.

Finding a medium that enables me to fuel my passion for wellbeing in an attempt to bridge the gap between academic and real life and connect with people has been great, and I really hope people are learning and benefiting in some way.

My love for all things wellness and genuine desire to help people has become the very thing that makes me flourish.