WiseTech Academy (a business unit of WiseTech Global) was launched in 2022 with a mission to provide an educational platform and content focused on industry leading courses in supply chains and logistics via a hybrid marketplace. In this case, the platform acts as a marketplace for educational services, catering to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. This learning platform also contains training material and product documentation for Cargowise. It’s only one year old, but it's growing quickly, both as a team inside of WiseTech Global, and with its customer base and content offerings.

If you’re a Senior Product Designer and you find the thought of working for an online education provider in its extreme growth phase exciting, then please have a look what we have on offer here at WiseTech Academy!

Wisetech Academy’s educational platform has different features and offerings tailored to the specific needs of both businesses and individual customers. Some of the key distributed services used include:

  • User management
  • Content management, taxonomies and search
  • Learning management, behaviour-based rewards and micro-learning
  • Feedback, ratings, communication and collaboration
  • Payment and billing
  • Analytics, metrics and reporting
  • Scalability and performance
  • Security infrastructure

So in short, there’s plenty to do for Designers

What does the work look like?

As one of several embedded Product Designers in WiseTech Academy, you will be responsible for the quality of the learning experiences for a variety of target audiences. Your strong understanding of user-centred design principles, combined with your expert skills and experience in web and interaction design allows you to take on design projects from their initial research phase all the way to high-fidelity screens and interactions. You will be working directly with Product Managers, Engineers, and eLearning content specialists to solve user problems.

We’re still in the process of building out a cohesive identity of our user experience. While we have a design system in place for the product CargoWise, WiseTech Academy still allows for visual exploration and innovation, to offer the best possible user experience for our various target audiences.

You will also be part of the broader, growing, WiseTech Global Design team. You’ll be reporting to the Lead Designer of WiseTech Academy, and, you will take part in larger Design team rituals like; Design Updates, Design Critique, mentoring peers, and educating cross-functional counterparts on the value of Design.

Prior experience in the education industry is a bonus, but by no means required. Much more important is your drive and eagerness to learn, as you build your knowledge of our complex industry and the most appropriate learning experiences.

We've listed a few points to help you assess your fit to the size of this opportunity (but don't let this stop you from applying if you are curious, we're a high growth company that values the potential in people):

  • 4+ years in digital user experience design in product organisations or agencies
  • Expert understanding of/and skills in visual and interaction design
  • Strong understanding of user-centred design methods that allow you to run your own projects successfully
  • Strong communicator to be an efficient cross-functional counterpart to Product Managers and Engineers
  • Passionate Design educator, spreading the value of user-centred design and pioneering design work

About WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global's mission is to change the world by creating breakthrough products that empower those who own, enable, and operate the world's supply chains. We are relentless about innovation, adding over 4,300 product enhancements to our global platform in the past five years while bringing meaningful continual improvement to the world's supply chains.

Having listed on the ASX in 2016, WiseTech Global is now an ASX listed company that is serious about expansion and technical innovation. Through a combination of organic growth and targeted acquisitions, our global employee head count has increased rapidly, and we’re far from slowing down.

We are known for our vibrant, dynamic workplace where personal and professional fulfilment and company success go hand in hand. Working at WiseTech provides you with the ability to work in an industry leading culture with high levels of autonomy and ownership.

As a cherry on top, we organise table tennis tournaments, offer free lunch every Tuesday to welcome new starters, mingle at 4pm every other Thursday for Beer O’Clock (including catered food) in the office, and celebrate all anniversaries and birthdays for the month through our Cake Day on the last Thursday of every month, where Richard White gives a live update to the business about acquisitions, monthly business momentum, and celebratory events.

Before you apply

From time to time, WiseTech Global may use an external service provider to assess applications on our behalf. Accordingly, by applying for this role and providing your personal information to WiseTech Global, you consent to WiseTech Global providing this information to our external service providers who are required to treat such information with strict confidentiality in line with privacy and data protection laws and regulations.

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We are a global team of passionate people enabling and empowering the supply chains of the world.


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